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Pixels by patrick Jean

posted on 10 Apr 2010 15:56 by gudezine


Pixels by patrick Jean - Invasion pixels : geek tetris pacman and spider invasion !

Patrick Jean is DIVISION's latest signature.
This is Patrick Jean's new project feat. Naïve New Beaters "L.A. trumpets".
The video's been produced at OneMoreProd and Patrick's represented for commercial projects by DIVISION.




เจ๋งโคตร ยอดฝีมือจริงๆ

#2 By XEGXEF on 2010-04-10 18:21

น่ารักจัง cry
ชอบอ่ะ เห็นแล้วอยากเล่นเกม
55555 big smile

#1 By YVES :) on 2010-04-10 18:14


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